About Us

    ODM was founded in 1993 by Tony Olaes who is a graphic designer by trade and an apparel licensing veteran. Since its inception, ODM has rapidly become a leading creative force in the retail sales arena. The company has consistently designed and developed licensed apparel that sells out of the box at leading stores nationwide. Although the company began as a one man operation, it now employs a team of in-house designers and supporting staff at its corporate headquarters in Poway, California (a suburb of San Diego). ODM is well known in the licensed apparel retail community for creating some of the most innovative, leading edge graphic designs in the marketplace. ODM entered the retail marketplace with a splash by shocking a national retailer and thrilling the Latino community with the launch of its apparel line known as Rollin Hard. The Rollin Hard line featured graphic images that communicated the essence of Hispanic Low Rider car culture. With the creation of Rollin Hard, ODM was one of the first companies to design and deliver cutting edge lifestyle apparel. The success of Rollin Hard was not a fluke but was the result of studying trends and the retail market and being able to communicate to consumers through the quality and precision of the art. In short, ODM’s superior market analysis, unsurpassed creative ability and strong retail relationships continue to make ODM the supplier of choice for retailers and the licensee of choice for licensed properties.